Rocket V3 3.5T Modified Sensored Brushless Motor

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Product Overview

Rocket V3 3.5T Modified Sensored Brushless Motor 

BRCA and EFRA Approved

SURPASS the Competition with Design, Quality and Performance!
  • 1/12 & 1/10 Modified Racing
  • 540 Sensored Brushless Motor Design with Dual Sensor Ports
  • Easy to Install ESC in Different Directions
  • 1/8" (3.175mm) Motor Shaft
  • Color: Black/Purple
3.5T Info:
  • Weight: 160g avg
  • Lipos: 1-2S   (Recommended) 
  • Kv (RPM/Volt): 9200Kv  (This is an average tested at zero degrees of timing)

  • CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum Can
  • High Purity Copper Windings Maximizes Conductivity
  • Extra Thick High Power Easy Solder Laydowns Tabs
  • Powerful Sintered Neodymium Magnet Designed Rotor
  • Adjustable Timing 0-60 Degrees
  • Compatible with Sensored and Sensorless Speed Controllers (ESC's) 
  • Dual Sensor Ports for Easy Installation
  • ROAR Design Compliance, BRCA Approved, EFRA Approved
  • Built with Stainless Steel Stator Screws 
  • Includes a 150mm Super Flexible Flat Sensor Wire

* Images represent the design and features of the Rocket SPEC V3 Motor, but may not represent the actual turn in this listing.
Rocket V3 Motor SPECS


(No reviews yet) Write a Review